Full Time

Human Resource Manager

  • Jaipur, Rajasthan
Job Information

Khushi Baby is seeking to appoint a result oriented full time Administrative & HR Manager who will be playing a lead role to execute day to day activities related to HR, admin, logistics and financial management in all domains of the organization.

Responsibilities Include:
  • Management of all Human Resource related activities of the organization
  • Logistic and financial Management
  • HR training and skill development of the field staff
  • Filing, storage and maintenance of all official records
  • Handle various finance/accounts related activities
  • Conduct periodical staff appraisals and prepare reports
  • Maintaining inward and outward correspondence
  • Conduct need assessment within the organization
  • Correspond and liaison with different stakeholders for various purposes such as financial, inter-organizational meetings etc.
  • Facilitate and document the minutes of staff, steering committee and board meetings
  • Address grievances of the staff
  • Develop and maintain various policies for the organization
  • Sensitize the staff and relevant stakeholders to abide by the rules of the organization’s policy
  • Assist in preparation of various reports as and when required for the development of organization
  • Arrange and manage various events and meetings within and out of the organization
  • Develop and apply the norms and ideas of costeffectivness of various aspects and implementation activities of the organization and sensitize the staff to comply with those norms
  • Setting up advocacy programs for different stakeholders
  • Maintains employee benefits programs and care to Khushi Baby teams and informs employees of benefits by studying and assessing benefit needs and trends
  • Ensure legal compliances by monitoring, conducting investigations, maintaining records and representing
  • Maintains historical human resource records by designing a filing and retrieval system
  • Comply with organizational technical modalities to perform daily duties
Background, Skills & Experience
  • Full time MBA/Post-graduation degree in Administration and/or HR program from a recognized university
  • Minimum 3 years of experience working as and administrator and/or HR manager preferably in an organization dealt with public health/m-health
  • Excellent oral and written communication skill in English and Hindi
  • Inter-personal skills to communicate with the various stakeholders and staff
  • Excellent computer skills, with good command over MS office softwares and Google drive
  • Remuneration commensurate with the candidate’s skills and experience
How to apply

To apply for the post of Admin and HR manager, please send your detailed CV with a writing sample to [email protected]

Khusih Baby gives high priority to gender equality in its organizational structure and employment opportunities.

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