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In 2014, Khushi Baby was born out of a classroom project at Yale University. Over the last 8 years we have grown into a 50-member team, now serving as the nodal Technical Support Partner to the Department of Health and Family Welfare, Government of Rajasthan.








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Improving immunization, nutrition and antenatal care in rural Udaipur

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Our solution consists of a mobile application for the village level ASHA (Accredited Social Health Activist), sub-center level ANM (Auxiliary Nurse Midwife) and primary health center MO (Medical Officer). For beneficiaries, we have created a health card, which stores their medical history in a near-field communication (NFC) chip. For community engagement, we send automated voice call reminders to beneficiaries in the local dialect. And finally, we provide health officials with dashboard analytics, so that they can take action in real-time. Altogether, we have created a longitudinal platform to ensure offline, informed, and accountable screening, referral and follow up care.

platform features


An NFC chip, embedded in the beneficiary health card, stores medical history. The card interfaces with the health worker's mobile application to share/update medical history in a contactless, instant and offline manner.


The health card also stores the beneficiary's fingerprint or facial biometric template. At the point of care, the health worker conducts a live match with the stored template to confirm an interaction with the correct beneficiary.


Our health worker mobile application captures the GPS point for both the health center and the household. In this way, we can confirm whether the health worker has reached the facility and utilize GIS mapping to identify clusters of high risk cases.


We send automated, dialect specific, targeted voice calls to share health information and reminders to attend the health camps.


Our extensive data sets enable us to build AI models to predict health worker diligence and filter high quality data to predict adverse maternal and infant health outcomes.


Our solution has been co-designed with the community and health workers over 5 years, employing human-centered design and cultural sensitivity along the way.

Research & Case Studies

Khushi Baby's research spans rigorous impact evaluations, policy, and epidemiology. Our technology impact is rooted in human effort - we request you to take the time to learn about lives saved through our case studies.

Maternal Eclampsia

Every year 420,000 pregnant women have high risk deliveries in Rajasthan. Priyanka’s antenatal health data alerted Khushi baby Field Monitors to conduct a home follow-up visit...

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Impact Evalution 2020

A 2-year, 3200 mother randomized controlled trial showed that mothers receiving care under the Khushi Baby system were 1.66 times more likely to have their infant...

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Infant Malnutrition

A Khushi Baby Field Monitor identified 11-month old Radhika, suffering from severe acute malnutrition during a health camp in the village of Hamited...

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Help Us Reach More Families

Khushi Baby is grateful to have had catalytic funding support from organizations like

  • GAVI
  • Patrick J McGovern Foundation
  • The Trinity Challenge
  • Google.org
  • Johnson and Johnson
  • ARM

As a GAVI INFUSE Pacesetter, Khushi Baby is eligible to receive double a private sector partner's financial pledge through the GAVI Matching Fund.

As we look to expand to grow our team, build out new platforms, and expand to new states, we welcome your support.

  • With Khushi Baby, your support goes the distance.
  • For every dollar received since inception, Khushi Baby has been able to track the health of over 7 individuals in last-mile conditions.

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Our Reach

Our longitudinal community health integrated platform has been used to track over 18 million beneficiaries over the last 5 years

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